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To play and win the game of Tashir Chess, you will need all the information you can get. You cannot just pick up a chessboard and think that you will win. It takes a lot of practise to win in a game against an experienced opponent. There is the need to understand the game and Tashir-Chess.com has been started to offer a Chess Website specialised in the Tashir version.

The game of Tashir Chess requires skills and a large amount of understanding of the game before you even attempt to venture in the first place. To get these skills, knowledge and all the information that is needed to play and win the game of chess, you need to check the internet, as Internet and especially forums and community have a lot of trusted information from all around the world.

about us tashir chess

Who we are

Tashir Chess is an online platform where you can get information on how to play Tashir Chess, where to play is best, find opponents, learn the tricky situation, how to play chess and actually also how to gamble with it. But most of all we provide useful information to Tashir players. We read a lot and play a lot so we aim to provide useful tips and links to the best sources that you can find online. We are in the process of creating a discussion forum to have more dynamic communications with visitors.

More so, to improve on your Tashir chess ability, a certain amount of experience is needed, experience that comes from constant practice of the game, by playing with people. Tashir-chess tells you where and how to find these live games that connect you to players around the world. If you want to get in contact with us. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info (a) tashir-chess.com. We wish you a wonderful and Tashir-full day!