Best chess boards

The game of chess is known for the fact that it can be played by anyone, anywhere. It’s very easy for you to pick up the basic mechanics of the game and start playing it with anyone else that knows them well. The basic equipment that’s required is the chess board and the pieces. Well, some people would not enjoy playing chess on just any board – they need something a bit more specific. So, there are many different designs that you can choose from.

Wooden Chessboards

There are chess boards with pieces that are made of wood. This is the classical choice for most people and is one of the most popular designs. A chess set that truly shines here is the so-called Staunton chess set, which has become somewhat of a staple when it comes to chess sets. The figurines are all beautiful to look at, and the board is made out of wood.

Stone Chessboards

If you want something a bit more specific, though, you can get a chess set made solely out of stone. That’s right, it may feel cold to the touch, but this doesn’t make this type of design the less magnificent than its counterparts. The best way to judge whether you will like the particular design of a chess board is by going to a store where they sell chess sets. Pick one that you’d think you’d like and see it in action. Touch the pieces and the board, and see whether you like the overall feel and look of them.

Metallic Chessboards

best chess boardsMetallic chess sets are also very popular among people. One crucially important benefit that you will be able to derive from the metallic chess sets is if you apply a magnetic force to the figurines. This will come in handy if you’re on the road, traveling someplace, and you desperately want to play chess. Well, as you know, the forces of inertia are powerful enough to topple your entire board and ruin your game. Nobody wants this to happen and this is the exact reason as to why you would want to purchase a high-quality magnetic board with pieces made from metal. In fact, the pieces themselves don’t even need to be made out of metal – only their bottoms need to be made from metal so as to be able to stick to the surface of the magnetic board.

Plastic Chessboards

There are also coming a lot of new material for chess boards. One is the increased use of plastic when crafting modern chess boards. There are even the possibility to 3D print your own chessboard and pieces. The possibility to print additional pieces can be a life saver if you are having kids playing around with the board and pieces get lost.

Best Chessboards – a summary

Either way, in your chess career you will be able to see a lot of different chess sets. Some will be more ordinary and some will be very unique. It’s important to know what your personal preferences are in the selection of your new chess board. There are pieces and boards made from glass and from all sorts of other materials.

Moreover, the design of the pieces themselves can differ tremendously – there are European chess boards, Chinese chess boards, Indian chess boards, and many other types of chess boards. Again, if you know what you’re looking for, then you will definitely find exactly what you need when it comes to chess.