Gaming News 2019

Even though we love chess for its simplicity and that is has been around for a very, very long time, we want to have a look at what other games we can play. When writing this page, we have only a week left to the new year, 2019. Due to this, we want to see what new games are coming to us and if we can find a favourite among them. Nowadays, many games are online so we will have a look at both this and more classic board games and such.

gaming news 2019 tashir chess

Step into the video games of 2019

If you want to take your eyes off the chess board for a while, there are plenty of games to play on your tv and on your computer. Skulle and Bones is already one of our favourites, just by watching the trailer. An Assassin’s Creed-lookalike that takes place in a pirate world. Step onto the warship and fight battles with the cannon fire lighting up the background.

Another game we are looking forward to extremely much is The Last of Us Part 2. For everyone that played the first game, you know why we are. In a post-apocalyptic world, Joel and Ellie will keep on fighting for their lives. The first part of this game is rumoured to become a movie as well. Surely one of the greatest games the last couple of years and we expect the sequel to be nothing less.

What is new in the online world?

Many of the new video games are also being able to play online with friends and other people. However, what might be the most exciting part of online games 2019 is gambling. The increase of new game developers to online casinos is impressing. For people in the United Kingdom, new casinos are being launched every week as you can see on And they all offer a great number of online slots for you to try out. Many of them for free actually. If you like it, you can start to bet money on it later on.

Finally, new Board Games in the new year

For chess players, the strategy within games is something we rate very high. This is why we want to recommend a brand new board game that is being launched on the 24th of January 2019. Noria, as it is called, takes place in a future world and by building your world in numerous strategic ways the game evolves differently. It looks great and we sincerely think this board game brings something new to the genre.

We at Tashir Chess hope you find a favourite here. Otherwise, you can always just go back to the chess game!