Beginner Chess Rules – 5 Step Guide

The game of regular chess is one that involves a high level of reasoning, intelligence, ability to read minds, ability to think smart and fast, and maybe a small dash of luck, which might just be spurred by your opponent’s mistake. How do you play the game of chess? There is only one way to find out!

5 five step guide to chess for beginners

To start with, it sometimes requires a level of experience-built skill and enough confidence to make your opponent fret and make a mistake that could make them lose the game. If you are a beginner at playing the game of chess, and you are wondering just how to win this game and be a champion in no time, here are a few tips on playing the game of chess.

  1. Learn the game: You can either read up on it, or watch YouTube videos, but you have to understand the game first. Learn the moves, like; where does the pawn go? How does the queen move? How many moves does she make? What does a bishop do? How can I take advantage of the Rook? All of these are the basic knowledge of chess that is important for you to win the game.
  2. Make your first move with a pawn: All your pieces are important, but the least important of them are the pawns. Start with them.
  3. Watch your opponent: Your opponent’s moves should determine if you are going for the jugular, or if you are simply playing safe. They are either coming for you or playing coy with you, watch them carefully, they are playing to win as well.
  4. Never leave your king unprotected: He dies, the game ends. Never leave him unprotected, it is your job to make sure he does not die.
  5. Be careful with the big guys: The big guys are the pieces surrounding the King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight. Do not carelessly lose them, if you will lose them it should be worth it. Lose all your pawns if you have to, but save them

You need to think to properly play chess, be patient and think. Just not for too long, time is important.